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What is ObjMatrix?

ObjMatrix is a Matrix client library for ObjFW.

It is currently in early development stages.

How to build it?

You need ObjFW and ObjSQLite3 installed in order to do this.

ObjMatrix uses modern Objective-C, and hence cannot be compiled with GCC, but only with Clang. So install Clang first and ObjFW will automatically pick it up.

You can install them all like this:

$ for i in objfw objsqlite3 objmatrix; do
      fossil clone https://fossil.nil.im/$i $i.fossil &&
      mkdir $i &&
      cd $i &&
      fossil open ../$i.fossil &&
      ./autogen.sh &&
      ./configure &&
      make &&
      sudo make install &&
      cd .. || break

You might need to install your distribution's -dev packages for OpenSSL beforehand. E.g. on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install libssl-dev


Just create an account on the ObjMatrix Fossil and post your patch on the forum. After a few patches, you will be granted commit access.